Choose Safe Outdoor Toys

Choose Safe Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys are great for kids, they can have lots of fun playing outside and getting much needed exercise at the same time.  Before you head to the local toy store to pick up a few things for your kids there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.  Safety first, even though a toy may come with a high safety rating kids are still going to need adult supervision, the minute you turn your back is the minute they will try and fly.  Now, back to picking the right toys that are both fun and safe.

Age Appropriate

Most toys will come with the manufacturers recommended age range written on the side of the box.  Following these guidelines is a good idea, you may think that your child is advanced for his age but that is not always the case.  Allowing kids to play with toys beyond their age range can be dangerous, they may not have the dexterity to use the toy properly.  Toy manufacturers base these age recommendations on both the physical and mental capabilities of children within their age range.  Here is some help choosing age appropriate toys.

Climbing Toys

Older children can handle climbing toys and taller playhouses but your toddler isn’t quite ready for that.  Toddlers have little or no sense of danger and you will find them in some unexpected predicaments.  When it comes to toys for toddlers you want toys with no rough edges, they should be lightweight and they need to be solid and unbreakable.

You can find outdoor toys that are well built, like playhouses, trampolines and climbing toys.  Kids love to climb, jump and explore and it is great for them to experiment and learn their boundaries.  As parents we need to make sure that there is no sharp edges, the height is not too high and in the event they do fall there is a soft landing underneath.

Riding Toys

One of the most popular outdoor toys for kids are riding toys, things like bikes and tricycles.  As soon as your toddler starts walking they are ready for riding toys that they can use safely.  As they grow they are going to need bigger toys and more space to use them.  This will be one of the best investments in a child’s toy you will ever make.  Kids love these toys and will play with them for hours and it teaches them all kinds of motor skills.

Remember to always get the age appropriate toy with a high safety rating, your kids will love it.

Buying Outdoor Play Equipment

Buying Outdoor Play Equipment

Kids spend more time in front of computer screens then they do playing outside, in fact the average child spends as little as ten minutes in un-structured play outside.  The lack of outdoor play and physical activity is one of the many causes of childhood obesity and we need to grasp the importance of outdoor play for the physical and mental health of our kids.  We need to do more to encourage our kids to play outdoors and that all starts with buying outdoor play equipment.

Choose Appropriate Outdoor Play Equipment

There are plenty of different types of outdoor toys on the market for kids.  When selecting toys for kids to play with in your backyard they need to be appropriate for the size of the yard and the age of the child.  If you have enough space you can put in a swing set, seesaw or even a tree house.  You also need to make sure that the area has been cleaned up and made safe for kids.  Kids love swinging, climbing and riding it helps them to explore their space.  You can tempt your children to get away from the computer screen with the right outdoor toys.  Trampolines, playhouses, tents and bicycles are great ways to help your kids burn off excess energy, get some fresh air and most importantly get a good night’s sleep.

Things to Remember

Always look for toys that are made from good quality materials, they are going to be a bit more expensive but you want toys that not only last but are safe.  You need toys that can handle the weather so there should be rust resistant coatings on swing sets and the like.  If they are painted then it needs to have lead free paint that is also non-toxic.   Toys should not have sharp edges so they are suitable for kids of all ages.  Most outdoor toys, treehouses, swing sets and even some riding toys are made from PVC.  PVC is water and heat resistant and incredibly durable so that makes it a great material for outdoor toys.

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Play Equipment

Children today need to spend more time outdoors and away from televisions and computer screens, the right toys make that so much easier to achieve.  Outdoor play equipment helps them develop strong muscles and a love of the outdoors.  You can improve their fitness, reduce the risk of obesity and the inherent health conditions that go with it.  Improved fitness helps them concentrate better in school and sleep better at night.