How to Make a Kubb Set

How to Make a Kubb Set

The warm days are finally back in town and the fun times are back again. Your backyard is freshly trimmed and the grass is shining green. But, how to take it all one step up, get creative about it and create something both for the kids and the grown-ups?

If you love outside activities you’re going to love this one. Let us introduce the game of Kubb!  Here is how to play and how to make a kubb set.

Time to take the fun back to the Viking age! Yes, Kubb was invented and played in Sweden more than a thousand years ago and is still enjoyed by the masses today. And you can make it yourself! Your kids are going to love it and who knows – you may even become a pro Kubb player!

The game is played with simple objects – essentially Kubbs (wooden bricks) and sticks that are thrown at them. You can imagine it to be something like field darts.

What Do You Need?

10 X Player Kubbs

Kubb is played between two teams (it can even be two players) on a simple square field. Every player stands on their baseline with 5 Kubbs on those baselines. Kubbs are posts usually 6-inches in height and 2″ X 2″ inches in dimension.

Best way to do this is to lay 4×4 wooden post down and set your circular saw to cut inches off of each
side. After this just cut 10 equal 6-inch smaller wooden posts and your Kubbs are done!

1 X King Kubb

King Kubb is like the main player on the field. It’s a centerpiece of the game, goes to the middle line and if any of the opposing team players knock the King Kubb down they immediately lose the game. Centerpiece only deserves to be a bit bigger than others – King Kubb’s dimensions are 4×4 inches and 12 inches long. Preferably you should cut him off that 4×4 post before the rest of the Kubbs. You can go the extra mile with the King and fashion a crown for him – the one that only fits a King.

4 X 1 Inch Sticks

Those will act as corner posts for the field. Be sure to cut them off too, because they will prove essential for the game. Cut them to be 12-inches long.

6 X 1 ¼ Inch Sticks

Here comes the fun part – of course, for the game of Kubb you need to have something to throw at those Kubbs. This is what these 6 dowels are for. Simply, fashion them to be 12 inches long just like the corners posts.

That’s it! All you need to play a fun game of Kubbs. All you need to do now is learn to play and let the fun begin!

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