5 Reasons to Create a Comfortable Learning Environment
5 Reasons to Create a Comfortable Learning Environment

The success of the learning process does not only depend on the factor of the teacher or the learner. It should be noted that the success of the learning process is influenced by various factors, ranging from infrastructure to the learning environment. One of the important factors in maximizing the learning process is creating a comfortable and conducive learning environment. Why is it necessary to create a comfortable and conducive learning environment?

  1. Increase Study Concentration

The first reason to create a comfortable learning environment is that learning is an activity that requires high concentration. It will be easier for us to concentrate if we are in a comfortable and quiet place. Likewise, when studying, make sure your learning environment is comfortable enough and conducive so that your learning process is not disturbed. By studying in a comfortable environment, it will be easier for us to concentrate on understanding the material to be studied.

  1. Not Stressed and Tense

The reason for creating a comfortable learning environment is to reduce stress and tension. Have you ever felt pressured and stressed when going or studying? This can happen under certain conditions. Not infrequently these conditions make the learning process less than optimal.

You can reduce the feeling of stress and tension by creating a comfortable atmosphere around you, starting to listen to music, choosing a cool study spot, to studying accompanied by your favorite snacks. If a sense of comfort has been formed, of course, you will not be stressed and tense, right?

  1. Increase Passion for Learning

Another reason for creating a comfortable learning environment is to increase enthusiasm for learning. Motivation is important in the success of the learning process. Building motivation to learn can be done in various ways. One of them is by creating a fun learning environment. Of course, a comfortable and pleasant environment will make someone more eager to learn. In the end, this motivation can be used as a driving force in achieving achievement.

  1. Learn More Effectively and Efficiently

The reason for creating a comfortable learning environment is to learn more effectively and efficiently. A comfortable and conducive learning environment will make your study time more effective and efficient. How not, when studying with a happy mood, the brain will more easily absorb the material. You no longer need to waste time repeating material. This is quite the opposite if you study in an environment that is less comfortable and not conducive. Your time will be wasted just because it is difficult to concentrate while studying.

  1. Optimal Learning Outcomes

The last reason for creating a comfortable learning environment is for optimal learning outcomes. Of all the previous benefits, in the end a comfortable and conducive environment will provide great benefits for improving one’s learning outcomes. A comfortable and conducive learning environment will form a pleasant learning climate. A fun learning process will certainly help optimize your learning outcomes.

Online Learning is The Future of Education
Online Learning is The Future of Education

Over the last few years, with the help of technology, the concept of education has made significant progress, where you can do online learning. Online learning can be done using computers and webcams without having to meet face-to-face in class. Even if the learning takes place online, such as reading material or watching, learning videos, you will still have to complete tests and assignments to measure your knowledge. Online learning is more independent and doesn’t require you to be in a certain place at a certain time. Online learning has many advantages, including the following:

  1. Flexible and Accessible

By learning online, you have the freedom to study from anywhere you like and whenever you want. This is much more convenient than having to sacrifice several hours a day traveling or getting stuck in traffic. Online learning offers the convenience of learning the concept of education at home.

Online learning also allows you to access education later in life. For example, if you work full-time at a company, but want to continue your studies in some area of ​​your interest, you don’t need to think about quitting your job or struggling to find time to accommodate your studies. With online learning, you don’t have to go back and forth between your work and learning something new because both can be done simultaneously easily.

  1. More Cost-Effective than the Old Way

When compared to conventional classroom teaching, online learning is easily accessible at a lower cost which makes it much more affordable for a large group of individuals interested in taking online classes. In addition, there are several payment options that you can choose from when you take online classes. In general, you have the option of paying for the class in installments or paying in full for one class. This paved the way for better budget management.

Apart from the cost for classes, you also save money that you would otherwise spend traveling to class locations. In addition, class materials also do not need to be purchased because they are generally available online for free, so you can save on your expenses.

  1. Offers Various Program Options

The internet space is quite vast and virtually unlimited which provides an unlimited number of subjects and skills that can be taught and learned. With the increasing dominance of the internet, many schools, colleges, and universities are offering various online versions of their learning programs designed for different levels of student’s abilities. When you choose an online study program, you will also have the convenience of getting an official diploma, certificate, or degree without having to physically set foot on campus.

  1. Increase Registration Slots

The conventional school environment includes several limitations, including:

  • Availability of qualified teachers and administrators in the area
  • Physical classroom and available seats
  • The distance each student must cover

With online learning, schools or universities can open up more classrooms to students from a wide variety of areas including those who do not live in the area or those who cannot attend classes in person. In addition, online learning also provides more opportunities for those in areas with limited school resources to participate in online learning.

  1. Enables a Tailored Learning Experience

The flexibility that online learning offers can help you set your own pace for learning. In addition, online learning can be tailored to your level of learning ability and other individual needs. In general, online classes are much smaller than conventional classes in terms of student capacity. Most classes are conducted online to allow students to interact a lot with the teacher or material provider thereby enhancing the student learning experience.

Through online learning, feedback can be received quickly, which allows changes to be implemented much more quickly when compared to conventional learning. Through online learning, there is increased access to different types of materials, including photos, videos, e-books, etc.

  1. Higher Retention Rate

According to some studies, retention rates are much higher when learning online than in conventional forms of learning. This may be because the pressure and stress is reduced when you take online learning courses. With online learning, students are generally allowed to learn concepts at their own pace. In addition, the course materials given to students are available to them for life which they can use whenever they want to refresh their memory.

Another reason why retention rates are higher in online learning is because of the improved learning experience. Since each student is allowed to learn at their own pace, the learning experience is much better in an online classroom. In addition, online learning allows students to access education in a comfortable environment. This makes students have a positive attitude while studying. With online learning, students will not be overwhelmed with too much information which is sometimes difficult to process.

  1. High-Quality Student-Tutor Interaction

One of the reasons why online learning is the future of education is because in online learning there is a better quality of interaction between students and tutors. This happens because the teacher will have many teaching methods and materials. Unlike conventional classrooms, online classes allow one-on-one interaction between teachers and students, allowing them to address any issues raised.

Most courses offered online hold classes via live streaming and often have a limit on the number of students who can register for a particular class. This ensures that each student receives adequate attention while studying and the teacher gets enough time to provide advice on specific learning concepts. It basically improves the overall learning experience which is the main criterion when you sign up for a class to learn something.

  1. Maximize Your Learning

You can adjust your schedule to maximize learning. For example, if you perform better in the morning, you can do all your learning in the morning and then use the rest of the day for something else. This will allow you to keep the information to the maximum and also make the best use of the time in the day.

  1. Online Learning Offers More Opportunities For Equity In Education

Online learning is able to provide quality education with several options that young people can explore. For example, finding online courses to explore students’ abilities in art or music that are not available in schools or universities.

In this digital era, online learning has been lively, not only in the world of student-level education but also in the world of work. The future of education will begin to move from the conventional direction toward technology. By optimizing the advantages of online learning, the effectiveness of learning will be achieved, even better than the conventional way.